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www.Myotccard.com – If you have an OTC card and you have any difficulty in activating the card so now you don’t need to worry as the activation process is easily explained in this topic.

There are easy steps that help you to activate your card and after activation of this card you just need to go to any counter for the purchase of your Medicare items, means from local pharmacies, etc.


www.Myotccard.com – Get Discount

There are excellent benefits on the OTC card just by activating it. This provides a lot of discounts and it is very easy to purchase items.

Requirements for card activation

  • The customers should know your 16 or 19 digit OTC card number that is printed on the front end of the card.
  • The customer’s Health Care medical plan member ID card number should be available.
  • The cards number CVV number is again a must.
  • The customer should also know cards expiry date.
  • The customer has to keep the details ready that is required.
  • The customer has to keep the card ready with all the personal details.
  • There are two ways to activate the card.

The online activation process of the OTC card

  • You have to visit the official site www.otcnetwork.com/member.
  • you have to Now enter the 16 or 19 digit card number and just click on” go” or press the enter button.
  • Provide the PIN and continue.
  • Now you have to enter the one time password which is sent to the registered phone number for the confirmation process.
  • After that, you have to provide the CVV code number and continue.
  • You will get a message that your card has been activated.

You can also activate your card by calling on their numbers

  • Just Dial the number 1- 888- 682- 2400. the number is available 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • You will have to provide your 16 or 19 digit card number
  • Now you have to provide your details which are needed like your full name and date of birth
  • After that, they will ask for your CVV code number that is given on the backside of your card
  • After giving all the required details the procedure will be completed
  • Now the bank will send you a card activation alert message
  • If after this you did not receive the message then you will have to check with the customer service.
  • TheOTC app also can be downloading. OTC app is free and is an easy way to check your current balance you can also find items for shopping in the store by scanning the barcode.

Items that are available with the OTC allowance are:

  • Allergy, cold, flu, sinus, asthma medicines.
  • Eye, ear, skin, foot, skincare products and oral care products
  • Sore throat relief and cough relief
  • Pain relief medicines
  • Moisturizers nasal spray and washes
  • Weight control products and nutritional products
  • All first aid items
  • Blood pressure kit or other home testing kit
  • Diabetes care items, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements
  • Garments other accessories with compression sleeves
  • Health items
  • Health support such as arm slings, braces, and bandages many other items come under this section

They also offer OTC card members a Priority of free access where they can go online and asecure card management tool this online helps the patients to perform many different tasks.

OTC paper claim form

ARCH care advantage. 33 Irving place 11th floor,

New York, NY 100 03

The OTC customer service

To report a stolen or lost card the numbers for member service are 1- 800- 373- 3177 or

1-800- 662- 1 220.


About OTC Card

TheOTCnetwork came in the year 2010 by InComm it is a leading payments technology company.

The headquarters are in Atlanta Georgia. InComm was founded in the year 1992 by Brooke Smith. This company works with top Medicare, commercial health plans, and Medicaid to provide easier consumer access for eligible items using prepaid cards which can be reloaded. Their goal is to have the cards accepted in as many outlets in retail locations across the nation for counter medications. This technology that they offer allows consumers to use their employer or the health plan sponsor partner with incentive funds to buy items or products by the program sponsor. TheOTC network cards are given to more than 270 health plans and are usually accepted at National retailers and also independent pharmacies across the United States.

Tips for the OTC card activation

Never share your card number or PIN with any stranger

Never send any confidential information via SMS or email.

Checking your balance Of www.Myotccard.com

  • You can check the balance on the OTC card
  • You can call on 1- 888- 682- 2400 now you will be asked to enter the OTC card number
  • You can also visit www.otc member.com again are you will be asked to enter your card number
  • You can also find your balance by calling the member services


These OTC cards help for instant delivery of rewards or incentive funds

It also lets restricts spending on only health and Wellness items

Unused balance is returned to the health plan

It is very advantageous for the members for providing them easy and convenient care system

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FAQ Of www.Myotccard.com

  • What are the items that you can purchase using an OTC network card?

The new OTC network card helps to arrange benefits for home delivery and spending on products like diabetes care, medication, and vitamins. Theincentives and rewards it offers to encourage Medicaid customers and to make healthy choices with reward and incentives for purchase on Wellness products.

  • Why should you use OTC network card?

The card helps to save a lot of money using the allowance provided on the card and also it is easy to access over 200,000 items available to purchase using the supplemental benefit card.

  • Which are the participating stores for the OTC card?

You can use the card in local retailers like,



Rite Aid

Dollar general

Duane Reade


Family dollar

There are also other stores and pharmacies you will need to visit the website or call on the customer service number.

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