www.Macy’s.com/activate – Get 3% Cashback – Credit Card Activation

www.Macy’s.com/activate – If you possess Macy’s credit card, and willing to utilize it, this is the perfect post to help you out. Every card requires activation before going to the market. Similarly, you also need to activate your Macy’s card before taking it for your shopping.

You need to prepare a device and a reliable internet connection start. Once you arrange these prerequisites and have collected your card, nothing can stop you from completing the activation.

www.Macy’s.com/activate – Get 3% Cashback


Macy’s Credit Card portal activation

Now begin with your Macy’s Credit Card by visiting www.Macy’s.com/activate. The card is linked to Citibank so don’t get confused if the title appears.

You’ll obtain various options and search for the apt option to activate your card. Please note that activation requires a prior login. Create an account before choosing the activation form. Once the login has been done, hit the red button resembling card activation.

There is a unique card number embossed on your card, check it and put the same number in the field. Do the same with the security code and the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security number)

Congratulations on adding another card to your collection. The plus point here is that everything including transaction history, records, and other account details will be available to you whenever you will log in.


How to find the security code’s value?

American Express has managed various services acknowledging the needs of the customer. The location of the security code varies with the card. Every card has a separate location for its unique number, a consumer has to search it out. However, please know that the security code contains four digits and will be either on the front or back of the American Express cards.

Note: Double-check everything whenever you receive your personalized Macy’s card. Doesn’t matter whether you are receiving it from a store or ordering it online, please be conscious of the accuracy.

Moreover, by calling on (888) 257-6757, you will get to clear out more queries with the help of service center agents.


Activate your Macy’s Card via phone call

While portal services are available 24 hours a day, call services are only available from Monday to Saturday, during working hours; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There is another number available for your support on Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call on (888) 257-6757 to get your activation done.

If you are not a resident of the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada and dial (727) 556-5758 to get assistance. These few are the quick and easiest way to get your Macy’s credit card activated within seconds. You may also get it done on www.Macy’s.com/activate.

Explained Advantages

  • Additional coupons for new Macy’s cardholders: Once the membership for Macy’s American Express® card has been approved, a member will acquire a coupon worth 25% off. You must use it within 48 hours of obtaining Macy’s membership. The coupon will allow you to save $100 on your purchase within 2 days. The coupon is an advantage for high purchases
  • Unlimited rewards for your restaurant visits, Supermarketpuchases, and Petrol Station purchases, and many more. : Macy’s American Express® card, obtains 3 points on every $1 that has been used for the transactions at restaurants. Moreover, every member will receive 2 points on every $1 that has been spent on gas station purchases and supermarket purchases. The member must be a resident of the United States to obtain these points. Not only that, but other purchases will also let you earn 1 point per $1 spent with the card. The transactions and the points will decide the tier to which your card belongs.
  • Perks of Shopping from Macy’s card: Every cardholder is eligible for hundreds of benefits served by the bank. The benefits are for your traveling experience and shopping experience. The members will get back 10% of the ultimate amount on Delta Airlines flight facilities. More discounts include 25% off on registered car rental services and hotel services. Members have another benefit of obtaining unlimited Entertainment Access, including movie tickets and other tickets to the events.

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About Macy’s card tier categories

If a member spends between $1 to $499 per year at Macy’s, he/she will get into a Silver rewards category. This level grant benefits like a 25% Star Pass discount, various other special deals, and an additional “birthday surprise.” to every member.

Now comes the gold category. If the member spends $500 to $1,199 from their card, the member will be promoted to the gold category. The gold category will receive also receive the benefits of the Silver level along with some other profits, for instance; free shipping on every order. Also, when gold members use Macy’s card, they will get 3% back on their card.

The highest of all is the Platinum category. Any member who spends $1,200 in a year, the member will be automatically upgraded to Platinum status. The platinum category enjoys all the profits of the Gold category, plus an additional 5% back on their Macy’s purchases.

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