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osbprepaid.com/activate – OSB literally means Oklahoma State Bank. It is a Master card. It has no protection management. The card holders can use the card to enjoy all the benefits the card pursues. The OSB cards are used everywhere where Master cards as well as debit cards are accepted.

By making use of the card regularly you can enjoy various benefits over the year. The Oklahoma card can be used for cash loading. It can also be used for direct deposit. You can have multiple accounts in the Oklahoma State Bank. The card is also used in the best way of card to card transfers. The OSB company issues many cards other than prepaid cards.


osbprepaid.com/activate – Get Discount

The OSB is controlled by the Transcard Limited Liability Company or Transcard LLC. It is considered as one of the legal entity of the United States. It is a specified from the government of United States as the private limited company. In the OSB prepaid card you use the money which has been already deposited in the OS Bank.

If you have any queries you can mail it to the OS Bank or you can contact the customer station immediately. There is no need to link your personal account to the bank of the prepaid company. If you spend money over than the card holds then you must repay it to your Bank account. But in most of the cases the card will deny it. For ATM withdrawal you need to pay some additional charges.


The activation of the your OSB Pre paid card can be done very easily. To activate your Oklahoma prepaid card you must follow any of following methods,

  • First you can visit the website of osbprepaid.com to login.
  • After your log in process is completed you should register for the card.
  • On the log in process you must enter your ID as well as your password.
  • After you receive your OSB prepaid card you can activate it by online on osbprepaid.com/activate.
  • Enter all the required details for the approval of your card.
  • The next method is to activate your card over your smart device i.e. mobile phone.
  • By making a call to the toll free number 800 – 523 – 4175 you can activate your card.
  • By making use of either of the above mentioned steps you can activate your card.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Of osbprepaid.com/activate:

  • You must be a major to own a Oklahoma prepaid card
  • You need to agree the terms of the company with you
  • If you are making your transactions online then all the notifications and status regarding your mail will be sent through online only.
  • On your verification the OSB will send you an e mail to verify that you have given your e mail correctly to notify at times for further updates
  • If you e mail address has been changed then you must notify to the bank immediately
  • You must not share your password with others try to maintain it with you
  • For the first one and half years all your details regarding your account will be only send through mail
  • You need to check our mails often
  • We will not guarantee to the notices or receipt outside our company
  • As the company will revise their terms and conditions you need to check it often
  • If you wish to deactivate your card you must notify us only through the letter
  • Your letter must be sent to the company before 10 days of your deactivation
  • You can call us related any queries on any time through the toll free number 800- 234 – 6181.


  • The card has no liability in protection.
  • The company charges no net fees per annum.
  • You check your credits anytime and anywhere with no checking costs.
  • The company will decline your checking fees in terms of cheques.
  • The card can be used anywhere where it is accepted.
  • You can ensure the benefits of a Master card.
  • By using your mobile you can check your OSB card’s balance anytime.
  • If the card is lost you need not to worry just notify the company, they’ll cancel the card with no charges obtained.
  • You also get text alerts and e mail alerts with no extra fee.


Oklahoma State bank is situated in United States. The OSB  is a company that is well known for its banking, loan associations, credit card unions, etc. the company was formed in the year 1907. The headquarters of the company is situated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The secretary of the finance and the revenue of the company is Mick Thompson. He also serves as the chairperson for the banking board. The Oklahoma State banking organization department was formed on November 11, 1907. The current managing head of the company is Mick Thompson. The OSB is a native company in the United States .

In 2010 the Oklahoma State Bank was recognized. The company is very well in fulfilling the needs of its customers. It also provides a safer and secure banking experience to its customers. The bank also had various branches all over the country. The headquarters of the company is located in Oklahoma. The annual budget of the company is more than six million. The company also issues many cards to its customers.

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FaQS Of osbprepaid.com/activate:

  • Who owns Oklahoma State bank?

The Oklahoma hosted bank was certified as a  native  company of the United states. The Oklahoma State bank was certified by Cherokee Nation.

  • What bank does the state of Oklahoma use?

The state of Oklahoma uses the OSB bank. to fulfill the needs of the people in the Oklahoma to the company was formed in the year 1907 the company serves best to the customers in the Oklahoma.

  • How many prepaid cards does an individual have in an Oklahoma State bank?

one individual can have the maximum prepaid cards of up to four  per  account in the Oklahoma State bank

  • What is the main use of the mobile banking in the Oklahoma State bank?

The Oklahoma State bank motivates this customers to pay their purchases using the prepaid cards through online banking as it is very safer and makes your life easier.

  • How to activate the OSB prepaid card?

The OSB prepaid card can be activated in two ways. you can either activate it by calling the customer service number or you can visit the website of the Oklahoma State bank to activate your card.

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